About Behind the Headlines

A Little History 

Many of you have noticed Iron County no longer has a full-time press. Except for news outlets that only cover Cedar City as a postscript to Washington County and a weekly print publication, coverage of our community is hit and miss. Reporters also come in from other areas to cover the “big issues,” but that means we have no press regularly watching our government officials or reporting on the great people in our communities on a day-to-day basis.

The exciting news is, Behind the Headlines is only the beginning of what’s to come. In the next few months we will be working to build what eventually will be a full news site focused on the people and issues of Iron County.

In the meantime, we will work here to bring you stories and keep you up-to-date on the progress of the upcoming news site.

Additionally, we’re working on a podcast of sorts at Patreon where we’ll discuss the latest news, do some awesome interviews and hopefully have a few laughs and some fun.

Our Mission

  • To be the intellectual leader in the rapidly changing world of journalism by providing news without bias or distortion of facts. Due to the highly controversial nature of many issues related to politics and news, Behind the Headlines will seek to balance all information provided by seeking out sources from each side of a topic;
  • To provide an open forum for discussion, debate and exchanges of views and ideas;
  • To continue our role in upholding integrity and impartiality in the Fourth Estate.;
  • To be a trusted news source in Southern Utah by ensuring all information is backed up by facts and documentation.

Our Focus

The emphasis at Behind the Headlines is about the “backstories” — those that illuminate the issues, personalities, relationships, spirit of volunteerism, clashes, opinions, ideas and political activities playing out in the shadows of our communities.

Reading a news story should be filled with details and as fascinating to the reader as talking with a reporter over lunch or a drink. Most times however, this isn’t the case.

Traditional journalism tends to silence the personality, humor and insight accumulated by the reporter — all the things readers are starving for as they try to understand the news and learn who their politicians really are. We’ll push against these limits, when we can, while still following our professional Code of Ethics. In the process, we’ll share with our readers more about what we know instead of leaving it in our notebooks.

We focus on stories with the potential to create positive change and have a real impact on the future of our communities. Areas that we hope to influence include: harmful policies and practices and passage of new laws and ordinances.

We cover a range of topics and issues including government, politics, business, criminal justice, courts, the environment, education, public lands, the economy and science and technology.

Our Values

Behind the Headlines produces in-depth and hard-hitting journalism that focuses on issues that impact humanity and shines a light into abuses of powers and betrayals of public trust — and we will stick with a story just as long as it takes to hold those in power accountable.

We are committed to uncovering the truth.

We are dedicated to carrying forward the important work of exposing corruption, informing the public about complex issues and using the power of the press to spur reform and create change where needed.

Behind the Headlines will never manipulate or embellish information to get clicks.

Our content echoes the honest, unabashed and groundbreaking reporting that readers have come to appreciate from Tracie Sullivan for many years.


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