Cedar City Hospital honor Stars and Stripes with Flag Day ceremony

CEDAR CITY –  Cedar City Hospital honored the Stars and Stripes on Flag Day Thursday with a flag-raising ceremony.

“There’s a few different colors, but this is THE colors,” Army Major Adam Ellington said.

June 14 is the anniversary of the official adoption of the U.S. flag 241 years ago in 1777. Ellington, who served as emcee, noted the day also marks the 243rd birthday of the U.S. Army.

The ceremony, hosted by the Hospital, was attended by a couple of dozen people and included members of the Iron County Veterans Coalition Honor Guard.

The Guard presented the flag and raised it atop its pole. The public followed by singing the National Anthem, led by Hospital Communications Director Becki Bronson.

Ellington, who serves as the Patient Experience Manager at Cedar City Hospital spoke about Flag Day, relating it to Veterans Day that celebrates those soldiers who made it home and Memorial Day that recognizes those who gave all to their country.

And on Flag Day, we remember the flag, the symbol of our nation, and what it stands for,” Ellington said.

Comparing soldiers to ‘Ole Glory, Ellington shared how the flag, like a “good soldier” is loyal to the nation, not a specific party.

“Our country is probably more divided than it’s ever been. A good soldier isn’t political. We’re like the flag,” Ellington said.” We stay honorable and faithful to our nation, and not to a specific party. The flag has no allegiance. It’s only a symbol. It’s a representation of ideas and qualities. It’s symbolism represents the ideals that this was founded upon.”

Justin Anthony from U.S. Sen. Mike Lee’s office also offered some brief remarks.

“To me, the flag represents patriotism,” Anthony said.

Speaking as the constituent liaison, Anthony said he and the other members of Lee’s staff are honored to support veterans and active military members.

“Thank you to all those who serve, all those who will serve and all those who have served,” he said.

Refreshments were served after the the ceremony and each participant received a miniature flag to take with them.

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