Naked man shot multiple times trying to enter home

CEDAR CITY – A naked man was shot with a handgun Tuesday after he allegedly tried to enter a home in Iron County, authorities said.

Washington County resident Christian Holbert, 24, was shot multiple times after he reportedly kicked in the front door refusing to leave even after the homeowners ordered him to do so.

“The victims are elderly and felt threatened by him and his demeanor. As a result, they did what they felt they had to do to protect themselves,” Iron County Sheriff Lt. Del Schlosser said.

The suspect would not listen to the victims after he was shot but got up from the ground and left the residence.

“(He was) being irrational with the victims while inside the home,” a news release issued by the Iron County Sheriff’s Office stated.

Holbert was later located by deputies who responded to the call reported as a burglary in progress near 4100 South and 17800 West in old Iron Town at around 12:30 p.m.

Deputies found the suspect near the residence still naked and “non-compliant” to responding deputies’ orders.

A Taser was deployed multiple times, which had little or no impact on Holbert, according to the news release.

Eventually, officers were able to subdue Holbert and take him into custody.

Investigators believe the man may have been under the influence of drugs, Schlosser said.

The suspect was treated on scene by Gold Cross Ambulance and then transported by Life Flight to Dixie Regional Medical Center where he currently remains in serious by stable condition.

Holbert has no prior relationship with the victims but was working in the Old Town area Tuesday when the incident occurred. Holbert’s erratic behavior is suspected to be drug related, authorities said.

The investigation is ongoing but once finished, the suspect will likely face charges related to burglary and noncompliance with a police officer, Schlosser added.

Officials are not releasing any further information about the homeowners but confirmed no charges will be filed against them.

“They were simply exercising their second amendment rights,” Sheriff Mark Gower said. “You hear people say all the time that victims should wait for law enforcement and not take matters into their own hands. But the fact is, sometimes we can’t get there fast enough. This couple are elderly and live a ways out of town and if they hadn’t been able to protect themselves today we don’t know what might have happened. So, in this incident, it was a good thing they could protect themselves. This is another example of how guns in the right hands can provide protection for people.”

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2 Thoughts to “Naked man shot multiple times trying to enter home”

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