Search warrants executed in death of baby

CEDAR CITY – Recently unsealed search warrants reveal police are investigating the death of a 2-year-old Cedar City boy who had been placed in his mother’s boyfriend’s care.

The search warrants, unsealed last week in 5th District Court, detail questions surrounding the days leading up to the child’s death on June 12 when he was rushed to Cedar City Hospital after he quit breathing.

According to the affidavits written in support of the search warrants, the mother Brittany Juanita Hall, 25, had left her child with her boyfriend Gavin Michael Haar, 25, Monday night at around 11:45 p.m. to go to work.

The couple told Cedar City police detectives the child had been sick since Saturday after he had allegedly been thrown off an ATV and pinned underneath it. When they found the boy minutes later, the gas tank was on his chest and the handlebars were across his face.

“They stated that they lifted the machine off of him and they found that (the child) did not appear to be seriously injured,” court documents state. “They state that (the child) did not want to ride the four wheeler any more so they let him ride in the car.”

In addition, Hall and Haar claimed that the child had fallen about 3-feet Sunday morning while on a small rock climbing wall at the park.

Haar told police that the child started acting lethargic and throwing up Sunday evening but he “thought (the child) was just getting sick.” He began to throw up again Monday and did not eat very much during the day.

The child threw up three more times Monday night and at one point, began to choke on his own vomit at which time, Haar said he began hitting the child in the back to dislodge the food particles.

After the child began breathing again, Haar said he put him on the couch to watch TV and went outside to smoke a cigarette. When he came back in the house, he found the child had quit breathing and was unresponsive. The child was later pronounced dead at Cedar City Hospital.

Later, when detectives arrived at the hospital they said they found the child to have multiple unexplained injuries that “were not consistent” with the couple’s stories.

The six search warrants detectives served on Hall and Haar in the days following the child’s death were for the couple’s cell phones, blood and DNA.

No charges have been filed in this case.

The body of the child was sent to the medical examiner for an autopsy, police are now waiting for that report.

Iron County Attorney Scott Garrett and Cedar City Detective Sgt. David Evans did not provide comment citing that the case is still under investigation.

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